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Game Dev Tutorial: Twinery Day 2: Swigler enters the Hinterlands

For 2.0 Harlowe. Reference guide

This part of the guide is more for advanced use and more advanced routines from the reference guide. Because of this, I’ll be describing the use of what’s going on instead of a step by step guide of a “Let’s Code”.

For understand the basics of Twinery, check out the first post here: Part 1: Basics

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Game Dev Tutorial: Twinery 2.0 The Basics

No I’m not a developer for Twinery, just someone who thought it might be useful for others.

So you want to build your own text-adventuring system from the ground up? Well, I don’t know if I’ll be able give you everything to make it the most interactive experience possible, but I did play around with Twinery enough to get a few features down that are necessary for making such a game.

Why Twinery? Twinery can be used for text-adventuring, pick your own stories, or even just to visualize non-linear story telling in a better way so you have a digital cork board to place all of the information and keep track of it in a more manageable way.

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