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YouTube Words – Game Grumps: Language and Mario Games

These are the Game Grumps

grump heads

We’ve seen how they use language on their shows.

8 - Game Grumps - Ratio of MEan Words to All Words

We’ve seen how negative they can be with each other in competition.

17 - Game Grumps - Avg Num Negative Words per Series

Now we explore how their language while playing a game using their word profile focusing on Super Mario *.

24 - Game Grumps - Word Profile - All Words

More specifically, how positive they can be while playing a game.

26 - Game Grumps - Word Profile - Uncommon Sent Words

Because they do like playing Mario games and because they’re fun, they aren’t typically too negative on them.

29 - Game Grumps - Word Profile - Avg Sent Word Count per Epi

But there can be frustrating moments when playing a Mario games.

30 - Game Grumps - Word Profile - Avg Negative Sent Word Count Epi

And sometimes that frustration turns into magic for the viewers.

32 - Game Grumps - Word Profile - Avg Shit-Fuck Count per Epi

Or we just get sad at what we’re watching.

Good thing I typically listen, instead.

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Youtube Words: Markiplier – Words and Drunk Minecraft

This is MarkiplierMarkiplier - Doublefinger

Markiplier knows a lot of bad words (Post)

Markiplier - 6 - Unique, Both Word Count2

Markiplier says them a lot (Post)

14 - Markiplier - number words per series

Markiplier plays a lot of Minecraft with his friends.

12 - Markiplier - Number of videos per series

Markiplier and his friends talk a certain way when playing Drunk Minecraft.

6 - Markiplier - Word Profile - Drunk Minecraft - Uncommon Word Freq

And they also use mean words with each other a lot.

8 - Markiplier - Word Profile - Drunk Minecraft - Sentimental Uncommon Word Freq

Markiplier and his friends start off talking a lot but stop talking a lot when they play for a long time.

9 - Markiplier - Word Profile - Drunk Minecraft - Avg Word use over time

Markiplier and his friends also get more mean if they play for a long time.

13 - Markiplier - Word Profile - Drunk Minecraft - Moving Avg Uncommon Sentimental Word Use OVer Time

This makes us both happy and sad.

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Youtube Word: Markiplier – Language Per Series

This is Markiplier


Here is a post about the bad words that Markiplier knows.

Markiplier - 6 - Unique, Both Word Count2

Markiplier has played a lot of games

11 - Markiplier Number of Videos

Markiplier has also played the same game a lot.

12 - Markiplier - Number of videos per series

Markiplier says nice things and bad things when he plays a game.

13 - Markiplier number of videos per series, color sentiment

When Markiplier plays a game, he can talk a lot.

14 - Markiplier - number words per series

And Markiplier has something nice to say, usually.

15 - Markiplier - number words per series, color sentiment

But for some games, Markiplier can say a lot of mean words

16 - Markiplier - number bad words per series, color sentiment

And some games, Markiplier only has mean words to say.

17 - Markiplier - number bad words in worst sentiment seires, color sentiment

Markiplier can be mean sometimes.

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Youtube Words: Markiplier – Language Usage


This is a Markiplier.


Markiplier has a YouTube Channel.

YT screenshot 1

Markiplier knows this many words.

Markiplier - 1 - Unique Word Count

Some words are just additions of other words.

a-hole, b-street, c-sharp.

This means that Markiplier knows less words than before. (Thanks YouTube Subtitles)

Markiplier knows good words and bad words. Most of them are good words.

Markiplier - 2 - Unique Word Count, Colored By Sentiment

But Markiplier says bad words a lot.

4 - Unique, Bad Word Count

And Markiplier says meaner bad words than good ones.

Markiplier - 5 - Unique, Both Word Count1

Markiplier also knows more mean words than nice words.

6 - Unique, Both Word Count2

But that’s ok. We still enjoy Markiplier =)

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Gaming Experiences: How I Learned to Stop Caring and Embrace Easy Mode

It might’ve been a pride thing, to show that I had gaming skill and the proper ability to play a game at harder settings, but I used to always look down at Easy Mode as the child’s setting. The be able to make the fewest mistakes in a game, to show that I had such a high proficiency in my gaming ability that making it less difficult was insulting to me. In all reality it was probably just insulting to my ego. But a difficulty setting is important. If a game is too easy, then it’s easy to get bored in the game you lose interest. If you set it too difficult, then having a lack of mastery of the game means that you’re going to get frustrated and likely drop the game at this point. Some games don’t have a means of changing the difficulty and expect the level design to test the player’s proficiency of the game. Look at any Mario Brothers game and you’re hard-pressed to find any adjustable difficulty setting, but go to Megaman or a Shmup or an FPS and they’ll lean on difficulty settings to better tune the game to the player. This is also useful for replayability where players already have an understanding of the mechanics and are returning for a deeper experience. I think we've all held right when the game started on instinct, and if you say otherwise you have some pants that should be moved from some sprinklers.

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Onboarding and Recovering Progress for Mobile Games

Get Up. Take a shower. Make breakfast. Drive to work. Make Coffee. Start work for the day. Check your phone. Phone starts restarting…

Take out battery. Turn on phone. Phone starts restarting.

Google symptoms. Fiddle with phone settings. Phone starts restarting.

Factory Reset Phone. Phone looks fine.

Start setting up phone again. Download essential apps. Download non-essential apps. Download games. Load up game to restore data.

It’s at this point where one of two things can happen. You can either get your data back easily, or you can spend the next 10 minutes with your eyes engulfed in ever deeper shades of red.

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Let’s Talk About: Absolute Drift (Actually talk about it)

Absolute Drift - Intro

So yes, I kind of talked about Absolute Drift yesterday, but not really to any analytic sense. I really only touched on the game’s philosophy and stylings. The aesthetic likeness to Japanese Sumi-e art and building up an artistic confidence that experience plus loss of self-doubt can only bring. (Post here)

This is more to focus on what the game does and doesn’t do well.

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Gaming on Data: Gaming Script – Who is this Written For, Third Graders!?

Gaming Scripts series:

Language and Aggressions 

Language and Aggression over time 

Word Usage and Aggression

3Number of Unique Words color sentiment

A game from the 30,000 foot view, with its intricate battle mechanics, handcrafted scenery, and illustrative storytelling leaves an impression with the player.

Over the past few days, we’ve looked closer and closer at the storytelling portion, the words and transcriptions that are used and the impression that it leaves on the game.

We’ve only previously looked the words that have been said but not about how difficult it was to hear.

42 - Easy Ready - Flesch Grade - Sentiment

So this is how a game’s script reads. At least looking at the Flesch Kincaid Grade scale, it says that even the more difficult of scripts can be read by a 6th grader; 3rd and 4th graders can manage with the majority of the script as well.

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Impressions: Might No 9 – E3 2015, New Mechanics and Forcing Better Pattern Mastery

Might No 9

Release: Sept 15, 2015

Might no 9 - Splash

Might No 9, the game where Megaman started to rebel against Capcom, the company that began to neglect the robot, so much that he decided to get cosmetic-enhancements done to his mechanic body and embody the 90s cool kid look in our post-3D world.

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