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Picture Time: PAX Prime 2014 Day 2


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Let’s Talk About: PAX Impressions – Dreadnought and Speedrunners

Dreadnought (PC)
Dreadnought (PC)


The boring stuff: Dreadnought is an online-multiplayer starship arena game for PC, blah blah blah.

The interesting: The pacing for Dreadnought is much different than traditional online-multiplayer games. You have your fast-paced and hectic, aka Call of Duty; you’re always running and scoping out the next area while calling in for backup, aka Battlefield and Counter-Strike; or you’re always running from place to place to find the next person to force-feed bullets aka Halo. Dreadnought, however, fluctuates¬†considerably¬†while playing. Because you’re controlling such colossal ships, it’s not like you won’t be spotted from time to time, but the stages are massive enough that you aren’t constantly in a struggle against a constant barrage of laser fire.

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Picture Time: PAX Day 1


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