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YouTube Words: Game Grumps v Markiplier Roundup

Game Grumps and Markiplier across their channels.

Game Grumps and Markiplier, Game Grumps episodes vs Drunk Minecraft episodes

YouTube Words: Markiplier and Game Grumps, Coop Word Profile Comparison

Yesterday’s topic: Markiplier and Game Grumps Channel Word Profiles

We ended off yesterday’s post about the Markiplier and Game Grumps comparison with a few open ends and some floating hypotheses.

We made comparisons between Markiplier’s channel and the Game Grump’s channel as wholes though the structures are fairly different from one another. Markiplier’s episodes are a mixed bag of solo-plays, compilations, cooperative multiplayer playthroughs and competitive multiplayer playthroughs. The Game Grumps videos have a different case depending on which brand you’re viewing (Game Grumps, Steam Train, etc…) and also are mixed between single player, co-op multiplayer and competitive multiplayer. This shifts the balance of words used a bit because the context for vocabulary will be different.

This analysis was supposed to be about a person’s/people’s Word Profile which is affected by the setting and context in which words are uttered. Because the contexts aren’t fixed between our comparisons from yesterday, the best we are able to presume are great generalities of a person’s Word Profile.


4 - GG v Mark - Word Profile - Uncommon Sent Words
Figure 1 – Game Grumps vs Markiplier, Negative Sentimental Words

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YouTube Words: Markiplier and Game Grumps Word Profile Comparison by Channel

A person’s Word Profile is unique. As you learn to speak and get used to speaking a certain way, you gravitate towards certain words more regularly than others. This profile changes depending on the context of where you are in life and how you let life affect you. In stressful situations you can choose aggressive words, in one-on-one conversations you pick words that signal your shared history with the person, when talking to a crowd of people you choose words that elicit a strong leader role, when talking to a specialized crowd of peers you pick words that only make sense to that crowd because the context is already shared amongst everyone there.

You can find out the Word Profile by finding a person’s word choice when in similar circumstances and how often those people will gravitate towards certain word. You can also go deeper into grammar structure, sentence length, topics and topicality of discussion, but there are limitations to doing this based on how I got my data through YouTube’s subtitles.

What I went looking for was the distinguishing Word Profile characteristics between the Game Grumps channel and Markiplier’s channel, both because they talk a lot through their videos and because they have a substantial collection of videos with a different cast and they have seemingly similar temperament though play primarily different games.

1 - GG v Mark - Word Profile - All

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Youtube Words: Markiplier – Words and Drunk Minecraft

This is MarkiplierMarkiplier - Doublefinger

Markiplier knows a lot of bad words (Post)

Markiplier - 6 - Unique, Both Word Count2

Markiplier says them a lot (Post)

14 - Markiplier - number words per series

Markiplier plays a lot of Minecraft with his friends.

12 - Markiplier - Number of videos per series

Markiplier and his friends talk a certain way when playing Drunk Minecraft.

6 - Markiplier - Word Profile - Drunk Minecraft - Uncommon Word Freq

And they also use mean words with each other a lot.

8 - Markiplier - Word Profile - Drunk Minecraft - Sentimental Uncommon Word Freq

Markiplier and his friends start off talking a lot but stop talking a lot when they play for a long time.

9 - Markiplier - Word Profile - Drunk Minecraft - Avg Word use over time

Markiplier and his friends also get more mean if they play for a long time.

13 - Markiplier - Word Profile - Drunk Minecraft - Moving Avg Uncommon Sentimental Word Use OVer Time

This makes us both happy and sad.

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Youtube Word: Markiplier – Language Per Series

This is Markiplier


Here is a post about the bad words that Markiplier knows.

Markiplier - 6 - Unique, Both Word Count2

Markiplier has played a lot of games

11 - Markiplier Number of Videos

Markiplier has also played the same game a lot.

12 - Markiplier - Number of videos per series

Markiplier says nice things and bad things when he plays a game.

13 - Markiplier number of videos per series, color sentiment

When Markiplier plays a game, he can talk a lot.

14 - Markiplier - number words per series

And Markiplier has something nice to say, usually.

15 - Markiplier - number words per series, color sentiment

But for some games, Markiplier can say a lot of mean words

16 - Markiplier - number bad words per series, color sentiment

And some games, Markiplier only has mean words to say.

17 - Markiplier - number bad words in worst sentiment seires, color sentiment

Markiplier can be mean sometimes.

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Youtube Words: Markiplier – Language Usage


This is a Markiplier.


Markiplier has a YouTube Channel.

YT screenshot 1

Markiplier knows this many words.

Markiplier - 1 - Unique Word Count

Some words are just additions of other words.

a-hole, b-street, c-sharp.

This means that Markiplier knows less words than before. (Thanks YouTube Subtitles)

Markiplier knows good words and bad words. Most of them are good words.

Markiplier - 2 - Unique Word Count, Colored By Sentiment

But Markiplier says bad words a lot.

4 - Unique, Bad Word Count

And Markiplier says meaner bad words than good ones.

Markiplier - 5 - Unique, Both Word Count1

Markiplier also knows more mean words than nice words.

6 - Unique, Both Word Count2

But that’s ok. We still enjoy Markiplier =)

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