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Gaming Data: Metacritic Scores over Time

The whole mess of it. Top is critic score data, bottom is user score data.
Animated summary. Poorly compressed, however...
Animated summary. Poorly compressed, however…

There’s also something to say about the user scores in all of the pictures. There is a trend that Users are grading games more harshly than the past. You can attribute this to the hedonic treadmill, where our future experiences require more novelty in order to get enjoyment due to the worn out novelty from past experiences. Or, you can attribute this to fanboys and ragewars about a game, franchise or console allegiance. Or, you can even attribute some of this to it being easier to hate on something than to find redeeming qualities in a piece of creation.

All data was collected from around April 30th, 2014, graphed with Tableau.

This is your Gaming on Data

Sit around and I’ll tell you a tale,

A tale that’ll make you think.

About the things you play that make your stay,

So grab yourself a drink.

What do we play?

               What do we play

While not the most obvious image in the world, we can see a dissimilarity between what gets made (top) and what gets bought (bottom). If the trend of “what we like and what we’ll buy” were easily predictable, the number of sales per game would increase regularly across the genres. Compare the different genres for sales per title for yourself. You can see that Shooters do exceedingly well while Racing, Fighting, Miscellaneous games don’t.  But this is a very bland picture. Let’s try another view of it.

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