Do you remember waking up early on Saturday morning, rub your eyes to rid the sleepiness, eager to flip to the cartoon channel, in my day it would have been WB, FOX-box, Cartoon-Network or Nickelodeon, so you could indulge in a slew of cartoons about heroism, vengeance, comedic imaginariums or mysteries? Following you favorite characters every week, discovering their histories, watching how they get out of or into trouble on a weekly basis and building on the history through familiarity of the world created in front of us became such an integral part of how kids from my generation related to one another and how we developed our imaginative building blocks in further creating expansions on our imagination. But what’s important is that the adventures of our heroes didn’t feel repetitive and stale. Each week needed to bring something new into it, to add something to the world around it and to create a dilemma that is wholly unique that challenges the characters’ skills in new and interesting ways. This way there is a reason to keep coming back to watching the show, instead of missing a week and missing out on nothing substantial to the development of the characters that we know.

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