These are the Game Grumps


We talked about how many mean things they say in the last post

8 - Game Grumps - Ratio of MEan Words to All Words

They play a lot of games, and at roughly 10-15 minutes an episode they’ve put out a lot of episodes per game.

10 - Game Grumps - Num Episodes per Series

They don’t typically talk about the game and at 10-15 minutes of non-commentary, they’ve said a lot of things on the show.

14 - Game Grumps - Num Words per series

Not all of those things are nice things.

16 - Game Grumps - Num Negative Words for Negative avg Sent Series

And depending on the show, you’re probably not hearing something nice being said.

18 - Game Grumps - Ratio of Negative Words to Sent Words

But they do say a lot of nice things, too.

21 - Game Grumps - Ratio Kind Words to All Words

They aren’t always shit-talking.

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