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Pax Survival Guide

PAX Prime 2015 Nighttime Survival Guide

Timeframe: 6pm – Midnight

Daytime Survival Guide (10am – 6 pm)

With the sunlight fading and the showroom closed, you shouldn’t think that all of the events are over because there is still plenty of fun to be had in and around the Seattle area.

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PAX Prime 2015 Daytime Survival Guide

Timeframe: 10am – 6pm

Nighttime Guide (6pm – Midnight-ish)

With PAX Prime rearing its head for August 28th-31st, it might be time to start getting your Airborne ready and figuring out what to do for PAX this year. For those that aren’t familiar with what goes on in and around the convention center, this is probably relevant to your interests.

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