Timeframe: 6pm – Midnight

Daytime Survival Guide (10am – 6 pm)

With the sunlight fading and the showroom closed, you shouldn’t think that all of the events are over because there is still plenty of fun to be had in and around the Seattle area.

Arcade, Console Games and Tabletop Gaming (All Day)

Like I said in the Daytime Survival Guide post, these places are always open with plenty of people ready to trashtalk your weak Mortal Kombat game, who may need a Marge or Lisa in their Simpsons beat-em-up, or others who could use a 5th or 6th in their round of Munchkin to help distribute the backstabbing in a less biased fashion.

Arcade games are pre-set, but you can borrow Console Games and Tabletop Games to get a new game of your choice started if there isn’t one already started or if you didn’t happen to buy any during the showroom hours of the con.

Panels (All Day)

There are still plenty of panels going on til midnight so always keep an ear open for any that you  might be interested in. Might learn a thing or two. Maybe even find a new interest.

Concerts (Evening-Midnight)

There’s always some fun to be had at a PAX Concert. You get a night full of 45 minute performances by artists who aren’t just game-music tribute-bands, but can also put on a show making it less of a glorified iPod playlist and more of an experience that you can relive in your memories.

Watching Bit Brigade speed(ish)run classic NES games with a live rock band playing the backing music. Getting the whole operatic experience of The Protomen, though they might not be doing their Megaman rock opera but the playlist hasn’t really been pushed, yet. Frontalot spittin rhymes from Fantasy to Sci-Fi to Anime to general Nerd Culture. And a whole lot of other bands playing at the con make it hard not to find something to enjoy.

Pub Crawl and PAX Parties (All Night)

There is always a PAX Party going on and a dev company or publisher to support.  You will sometimes needs to register to get into the party and it’s not always within walking distance, but you can easily crash these events where devs and attendees can go and mingle for a few hours and just relax from the long day of lines and walking around.

Many of the PAX Parties have features lined up to keep the energy up after a long day. Megaran and Ryan Taylor, Bag of Tricks Cat, many more to list. A lot of them put on a fantastic show and though you shouldn’t pick a party to go to purely on the talent, some of these performers do make it compelling if you haven’t yet decided. Also a few of them have some good multiplayer party games set up, so the trashtalking can still continue of a few beers or cocktails. No judging. I like girly drinks once in a while, too. They’re fucking delicious.

Follow @PaxParties for the list and info.


There are plenty of other bars and such to go with friends until closing, but this is still a downtown metropolis with homeless and drunks so stay safe.

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