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YouTube Words: Game Grumps v Markiplier Roundup

Game Grumps and Markiplier across their channels.

Game Grumps and Markiplier, Game Grumps episodes vs Drunk Minecraft episodes

YouTube Words: Game Grumps – Jon Tron vs Danny Sexbang Word Profiles (Bonus Post)

Remember what I said about someone’s Word Profile? About how it’s like a fingerprint of you past because we learn to gravitate our lexicon to certain words over others, event more so depending on the context of your situation?

In my last iteration of the Word Profile comparisons, we looked Markiplier’s Channel vs the Game Grump channel in hopes of both finding how their Word Profile’s differ, but also to gain some insight in how to find the differences in commentary style during a Let’s Play.

We found possibilities like categorizing Solo vs Co-op let’s plays based on someone’s Word Profile alone, possible improve training from “yes-and”-ing everything your friends are saying, and even just finding out the baseline aggressive language that the two channels have.

For this post at the least, I wanted to look at the inner history of the Game Grumps, since Arin and Dan weren’t always the hosts. It was Jon Tron that took up the co-host seat with Arin and I thought it would be interesting to see what the differences between the two would be, if there were any to be found.

Figure 1 - Game Grumps - JT vs DS - All
Figure 1 – Game Grumps – JT vs DS – All

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YouTube Words: Markiplier and Game Grumps, Coop Word Profile Comparison

Yesterday’s topic: Markiplier and Game Grumps Channel Word Profiles

We ended off yesterday’s post about the Markiplier and Game Grumps comparison with a few open ends and some floating hypotheses.

We made comparisons between Markiplier’s channel and the Game Grump’s channel as wholes though the structures are fairly different from one another. Markiplier’s episodes are a mixed bag of solo-plays, compilations, cooperative multiplayer playthroughs and competitive multiplayer playthroughs. The Game Grumps videos have a different case depending on which brand you’re viewing (Game Grumps, Steam Train, etc…) and also are mixed between single player, co-op multiplayer and competitive multiplayer. This shifts the balance of words used a bit because the context for vocabulary will be different.

This analysis was supposed to be about a person’s/people’s Word Profile which is affected by the setting and context in which words are uttered. Because the contexts aren’t fixed between our comparisons from yesterday, the best we are able to presume are great generalities of a person’s Word Profile.


4 - GG v Mark - Word Profile - Uncommon Sent Words
Figure 1 – Game Grumps vs Markiplier, Negative Sentimental Words

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YouTube Words: GameGrumps Language Usage Roundup

10,000 foot view: Game Grumps And Language Use

Parachute height: Game Grumps and Language Use across Games

Picking a Target: Game Grumps and Language use on Super Mario Games

YouTube Words: Markiplier and Game Grumps Word Profile Comparison by Channel

A person’s Word Profile is unique. As you learn to speak and get used to speaking a certain way, you gravitate towards certain words more regularly than others. This profile changes depending on the context of where you are in life and how you let life affect you. In stressful situations you can choose aggressive words, in one-on-one conversations you pick words that signal your shared history with the person, when talking to a crowd of people you choose words that elicit a strong leader role, when talking to a specialized crowd of peers you pick words that only make sense to that crowd because the context is already shared amongst everyone there.

You can find out the Word Profile by finding a person’s word choice when in similar circumstances and how often those people will gravitate towards certain word. You can also go deeper into grammar structure, sentence length, topics and topicality of discussion, but there are limitations to doing this based on how I got my data through YouTube’s subtitles.

What I went looking for was the distinguishing Word Profile characteristics between the Game Grumps channel and Markiplier’s channel, both because they talk a lot through their videos and because they have a substantial collection of videos with a different cast and they have seemingly similar temperament though play primarily different games.

1 - GG v Mark - Word Profile - All

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YouTube Words – Game Grumps: Language and Mario Games

These are the Game Grumps

grump heads

We’ve seen how they use language on their shows.

8 - Game Grumps - Ratio of MEan Words to All Words

We’ve seen how negative they can be with each other in competition.

17 - Game Grumps - Avg Num Negative Words per Series

Now we explore how their language while playing a game using their word profile focusing on Super Mario *.

24 - Game Grumps - Word Profile - All Words

More specifically, how positive they can be while playing a game.

26 - Game Grumps - Word Profile - Uncommon Sent Words

Because they do like playing Mario games and because they’re fun, they aren’t typically too negative on them.

29 - Game Grumps - Word Profile - Avg Sent Word Count per Epi

But there can be frustrating moments when playing a Mario games.

30 - Game Grumps - Word Profile - Avg Negative Sent Word Count Epi

And sometimes that frustration turns into magic for the viewers.

32 - Game Grumps - Word Profile - Avg Shit-Fuck Count per Epi

Or we just get sad at what we’re watching.

Good thing I typically listen, instead.

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Youtube Words: Game Grumps – Language across Games

These are the Game Grumps


We talked about how many mean things they say in the last post

8 - Game Grumps - Ratio of MEan Words to All Words

They play a lot of games, and at roughly 10-15 minutes an episode they’ve put out a lot of episodes per game.

10 - Game Grumps - Num Episodes per Series

They don’t typically talk about the game and at 10-15 minutes of non-commentary, they’ve said a lot of things on the show.

14 - Game Grumps - Num Words per series

Not all of those things are nice things.

16 - Game Grumps - Num Negative Words for Negative avg Sent Series

And depending on the show, you’re probably not hearing something nice being said.

18 - Game Grumps - Ratio of Negative Words to Sent Words

But they do say a lot of nice things, too.

21 - Game Grumps - Ratio Kind Words to All Words

They aren’t always shit-talking.

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Youtube Words: Game Grumps – Language Use

These are the Game Grumps

Dan and Arin

Their channel spans many different brands.

GameGrumps_Banner steam rolled

In each brand, the Grumps spit a lot of shit.

2 - Game Grumps - Avg Words Per Epi Per Brand

Because of this, they’ve said plenty of hurtful words.

5 - Game Grumps - Avg Mean Words per Epi Per Brand

But overall, they try to stay light hearted.

3 - Game Grumps - Avg Sent Word Per Epi Per Brand

This isn’t always true for all of their brands.

8 - Game Grumps - Ratio of MEan Words to All Words

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