YouTube Words: Game Grumps – Jon Tron vs Danny Sexbang Word Profiles (Bonus Post)

Remember what I said about someone’s Word Profile? About how it’s like a fingerprint of you past because we learn to gravitate our lexicon to certain words over others, event more so depending on the context of your situation?

In my last iteration of the Word Profile comparisons, we looked Markiplier’s Channel vs the Game Grump channel in hopes of both finding how their Word Profile’s differ, but also to gain some insight in how to find the differences in commentary style during a Let’s Play.

We found possibilities like categorizing Solo vs Co-op let’s plays based on someone’s Word Profile alone, possible improve training from “yes-and”-ing everything your friends are saying, and even just finding out the baseline aggressive language that the two channels have.

For this post at the least, I wanted to look at the inner history of the Game Grumps, since Arin and Dan weren’t always the hosts. It was Jon Tron that took up the co-host seat with Arin and I thought it would be interesting to see what the differences between the two would be, if there were any to be found.

Figure 1 - Game Grumps - JT vs DS - All
Figure 1 – Game Grumps – JT vs DS – All

For the most part, the majority of anyone’s word profile will look fairly similar, because there are MANY words in the English language that are used purely to make a sentence make sense. Word that don’t give a lot of meaning aside from making a sentence grammatically sensible. That’s why I typically will weed all of them out.

Figure 2 - Game Grumps - JT vs DS - Sentiment
Figure 2 – Game Grumps – JT vs DS – Sentiment

With a person’s Sentimental Word Profile we are focusing out comparison to only words that have emotional significance, i.e. Sentiment. The Sentiment of a word a quantifier of emotion, Positive Sentiment for positive emotions and Negative Sentiment for negative emotions.

What’s more interesting about looking at a person’s Sentimental Word Profile (Figure 2) is that you can get a better idea of what their favorite words are, especially when they have an emotional reaction, good or bad. The only real words of note are the amount of “fun” that Jon has and the amount of that Dan wants to “stop” the nonsense on screen. Aside from Jon episodes “yes-and”ing as much as Dan episodes, it might make more sense to strip out the common words here, too.

Figure 3 - Game Grumps - JT vs DS - Uncommon Sentiment
Figure 3 – Game Grumps – JT vs DS – Uncommon Sentiment

Like I said, looking at the uncommon words is a lot more telling of a person’s vocal behavior and there are a lot more words to profile the differences of Jon and Dan with this. Jon can “forgive” the games that he plays a lot, even if he “dislikes” many parts of the game. It “hurts” him a lot to be as “sarcastic” as he is but still be “defeated” as often as happens. Truly “tragic”

Dan, on the otherhand, finds it “disgusting” about how “adorable” a lot of these games can be when the have a “douche”y producer pushing the creators of the characters in these games into being a “badass”. It’s actually super “lame”.

…Christ, reverse mad libs is actually really hard.


Figure 4 - Game Grumps - JT vs DS - Positive Sentiment
Figure 4 – Game Grumps – JT vs DS – Positive Sentiment
Figure 5 - Game Grumps - JT vs DS - Negative Sentiment
Figure 5 – Game Grumps – JT vs DS – Negative Sentiment

Here’s also a few more showing the differences in their Positive Sentimental Word Profile (Figure 4) and their Negative Sentimental Word Profile (Figure 5). Make of them what you will. Dan “adores” you for it, and Jon thinks it “heavenly” that you look into it as “sincerely” as possible.

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