Well… Thanks for the nom, Eri.

  • If you were to be an expert in a singular subject (anything not just regular school stuffz) what would that be

It’s answering this kind of questioning that might make others think that I have an ego about myself, which I try constantly to never have come across. Probably because I never liked it when people boast about themselves just so they let others know how they view themselves and it doesn’t add to the conversation except for them to start a conversation about themselves.

But that’s still a digression from the actual question. I don’t know which subject I’d actually pick because I while I do have knowledge in many subjects, I never like to call myself an expert because there’s always something new to learn, something new that others know more than you, and many more in the field that are yet to be discovered so being an expert in a subject is rarely long-lived.

Shit, I’m still not answering the question… Uhhh… Computer Vision and Recognition, then… Getting a program to identify features of an image or video and track those features over time or in other images if they exist. I took a few years off of the subject so I don’t think I’m an expert at it anymore, but I’m slowly picking up research papers on the matter and getting up to speed again.

  • Your favourite tv show or cartoon when growing up

This one’s a toughy. 90s kids had a lot of great shows/cartoons in their past. The Simpsons was in its golden era in its surrealist pop-culture mish-mash. Anime was gaining traction with Adult Swim and Toonami weeknight and weekends. Saturday Morning Cartoons were still in high demand and Looney Toons and Hannah Barbera (eg Two Stupid Dogs) still captured the sights of kids with the launch of Cartoon Network mid-90s.

I can’t say I have a definitive favorite, but a favorite for a period of time during my childhood. Pre-8 was Looney Toons for its highly cultivated expressiveness, intermingling of classical music with entertainment and mixing of language humor and physical humor. Pre-10 was Rockos Modern Life for making light of Adulthood but also with references making more and more sense as you get older. Phone-sex operators, grumpy neighbors with kinky sexual habits, “Kitchens and Bathrooms. This closet even has a bathroom. There’s too many bathrooms!” Go through buying and renovating a house and you’ll start that last joke.

Then two of all-time favorite animes show up, Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, thanks to Adult Swim. The human condition, action, a great soundtrack, and a melancholy overtone throughout both series. I don’t want to say it went with a depressing lifestyle, but a bittersweetness. Bittersweet that the weekend was almost over because of the Saturday at midnight timeslot, bittersweet because your childhood is quickly escaping you, bittersweet that something that was so fresh and original had ended forcing you to wait another week to watch the show. Everytime I even think of the Samurai Champloo outro “Shiki no Uta” and the Adult Swim bumper, my mood instantly drops to sub-5.

Let’s not forget Naruto up until Sasuke’s departure in Series 1. Damn, I had man tears and adrenaline rushes from those fights. Actually, there’s a lot of Anime to put on this list. DBZ, early Pokemon, Yugioh, Batman Beyond… I’ll stop it there, but there were a lot good of shows then. Only a few hold up today, but not many cartoons and TV shows age well.

  • If you were to be turned into a monster, from any medium or even your imagination what would that be.

For some reason I’ve always had an affinity to Ditto and Mew from Pokemon. While being two completely different Pokemon, they both embody the same principle, malleability. The lore of Ditto is that it’s a failed Mew, where Mew is the ancestor of all Pokemon (at least the first 151 before there were almost 100 godlike Pokemon throughout the series). Mew is cute and cuddly, but Ditto is just a blob. What makes them unique is that Ditto can transform into any other Pokemon and Mew can learn any Pokemon’s Ability, given your TMs/HMs in stock.

It’s always been fascinating to think of creatures with the innate ability to mimic those around them. You can say this is from some personality quirks that I might have, wanting to be apart of any in-group, but I would say that having a creature be infinitely adaptable is both the ultimate camouflage and the highest observation skill. Mimicking physical features is one thing, but being able to mimic behavioral quirks, slight intonations in movement and tone in voice means you can get into the head of the thing you’re mimicking to the highest caliber.

  • Favourite mode of transportation in games

Grapping hook into parachute from “Just Cause 2”. Doesn’t matter what mode of transportation you come across, just hook it and hold on for dear life. You can even let go and glide around the scene scape for a bit as long as your hooked vehicle is still moving.


  • Your favourite piece of merchandise, gaming or non-gaming

I could give some schpeal about this shirt I have from my Bemani days and the sentimental value that it holds, or my game-puter that gives me hours of entertainment, but I’ll probably pick something else. Probably whichever smartphone I have on me at the time. Internet, Music, Inter-connectivity. When you have a question and need to look it up, you can always turn to your smartphone and google it. Something that you’re in the mood to listen to, then bring up Pandora or Youtube or your personal music to pass the time. Netflix anywhere, emulating games of yore anywhere, chat with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Damn my smartphone is useful.

  • The music that gets you moving, genre and artist

I don’t know where to begin. 2Mello had great remix albums of VGM and I can leave it on loop for throughout many days of work and not get sick of it, but I wouldn’t say that it gets me moving. Uematsu for being prolific in the amount of memorable and moving music. Queen for being overall awesome in their anthemic rock-ness. Bemani music has always been able to get me moving. DDR, IIDX dance music and the like. But even then, I can only listen to those for so long because its only good in short bursts which is great for the minute-30 per song format. The EuroBeat music in Initial D is always good to get the blood pumping, too. In the heat of the race, 90s euro-techno blasting out of the car which Japan always adopts things a decade late, so only started imitating it successfully a decade or so later.

  • If you were to punch a historical figure who would that be.

Edgar Allen Poe. The father of and epitome to depressing poetry. The figure that every emo/goth points to for being brooding and deep. His tales are great, focusing on the darkness within human condition in all of its foibles. Jealousy, greed, regret, guilt and anxiety. But, it’s hard to defend someone who would inspire so much other garbage to descend from the human condition into just being dark for darkness sake. It’s not his fault that people get inspired and grasp onto other’s concepts and once someone else starts with it they would inspire others as well. But, he is the first so he must now be punched.

  • If there was one law you were able to break with impunity which would it be

Scat Porn. I love watching Scared Cats. (Hurt is Scarred, frightened is Scared. Yes, I double-checked)

The ability to control objects (including myself) with my mind would be pretty incredible. Not mind-control, though that too would be an ability to fight for, but telekinesis. With it you can control your ability to move through this plane of existence and maybe if you could think more abstractly, though other ones as well. Breaking the laws of physics, yo.

  • If you could bring one mechanic from games into the real world what would it be?

Again, Just Cause 2, fun physics. Having objects follow not a predetermined formula for reacting to things and preexplained movement gives a great unexpected flare to life. Not knowing what’s going to happen keeps everyone careful and on their toes, your grappling hook being able to interconnect any two objects in the world, being able to stay adrift with just to smallest of lift because your parachute has more priority than other’s physical needs.

  • Draw me personal portrait, and yes paint is acceptable.



The part where I spread the germs? Prions and bacterial goodness. These are for being

Murf thingy





Riddle me these:

  • What was the original incarnation for you handle and blog domain?
  • Being stuck in a small 10×10 room with 100 ducks, or a 20×20 room with 10 wolf sized ducks. Pick one and why?
  • Which incarnation of your game avatar would you pick to become real, which would you pick to become imprisoned. Add the game you pick from for context.
  • Were you the big stud in any game, which one and what did you learn from gettin’ so fine at a game?
  • Pick a scene from a game that you remember the most. Describe it. Your SO is now the antagonist in the game. How does this change the scene and how does this make you feel?
  • Which fictional food would you make real, if only for a meal.
  • Pick a popular franchise and wipe it from the public consciousness, which would it be? Gaming or not.
  • Describe yourself in 3 sentences. The first in one word, second in 3 words, the last in 5 words.
  • Can you reword or rewrite your last answer into a haiku?
  • League of Legends? Why or why not?
  • Pick a game that you want others to play, and one that you want others to stop playing. Give us a reason.