Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 has wrapped up. The event raised around 1.2 million during the week long charity stream where around 160 games and 200 players donated their time and expertise to give the gaming community an entertaining 24/7 display of gripping moments, glitched games and great commentary.


I’ve compiled a list of the what I think were the highlights of the event, based on how entertaining the games were, how impressive the runners were, and how cool some of the spectacles were to watch.

This list, in particular, is for those that have dedicated their time to particularly difficult games, where the barrier to entry of even completing the game is high.  And there’s also a few that are just cool because of interesting techniques involved to compete at such a high level.


For the uninitiated, the point of the Games Done Quick community is to beat a game as quickly as possible. For any given game, there is a pocketed community that devotes hours in finding the fastest path, developing the best execution and discovers the newest time savers. Completing a game can mean many things to many people. The categories are typically:

  • Any % (Complete the game with any percent of the game completed)
  • 100% (Complete the game with everything collected)
  • Glitchless (Complete the game without unintended exploits)
  • Race (Compete against other players to beat the game as quickly as possible) – used more for games with heavy randomness throughout the game.To view the official world records for many games, you can check them out at is probably enough background to understand the majority of speedrun videos and enough to understand the highlights for AGDQ2016.

The List


Battle Kid 2

Transformers: Devestation – One Handed

Ninja Gaiden 2

Ninja Gaiden 3

Super Time Force

Super Metroid 2p1c (2 players on 1 controller)

Kaizo Mario 3

Mario 3

Punch Out Blind (race)

Megaman 2

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