Genre: Rhythmic/Atmospheric

Console: PS4. Plans for PS3/Vita Cross-Buy


Twin stick – asynchronous

The basics are that you move the left stick for the Red character and the right for the Blue. The player then tries to go through the correctly colored gates until their “sync” meter (the top bars) fill up, extend and gently touch tips so they both synergize together.

The Rhythmic part comes in where the gates and sounds played arrive on beat to the background music, making the experience more unique to each player and helps build the atmosphere to each of its soundscapes.


Probably one of the more atmospheric games that I’ve played at E3, as it exudes a remembrance of Flower for the PS3. Both games let the player experience the game at their own pace by having a gentle penalty that never makes the player feel demotivated for their inability to de-synchronize their motions. More importantly, both games have a strong emphasis on the environment around the player in both audial and visual senses.

Flower let the player explore the changing landscape from peaceful meadows, full of vibrant greens and yellows while playing through the grasslands and wind tunnels as your slide; to nature-crushing technological deployment filled with greys and blacks, sparks and hazards taking the fun and whimsy out of nature.

In Entwined, the player flies on rails through a corridor of colors meant to elicit anxious-tension filled with red, oranges and blacks; to hectic-energy; or a quite-calm filled with greens and blues. And every time you get better at de-syncing, the reward is the energy building, the tension rising or the calm washing over you.

It was impressive to see a game with this sort of atmosphere be developed by a team of grad students from Carnegie Mellon University and I look forward to playing through it once or twice more on my PS4. Maybe I’m a bit biased because experiential games seem to be the ones that stick with me more often than others, but I’d suggest giving this one a try.

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